Our Mission:


Pray, teach, give, help, uplift and inspire people of all ages to make their dreams come true.


Our Founders

The vision of Hayward’s Hands began with the hopes and dreams of two people, who just so happened to be Mother and Son. Tish Hayward and Casey Hayward Jr. volunteered their time in their home town of Perry, Georgia.  Tish wanted to help whoever was in need. Her goal was to inspire and uplift. She was passionate about helping the Perry community and that in order to change the world, you have to start at home.


“One of the greatest gifts you can give, is your time.” 


Get Involved

Our method is to gather people of our community who are willing to help others by giving and showing support. We encourage others in our community to solve problems through prayer, education, donations and outreach. Hayward’s Hands is the organization that will give a hand to others in need.

partner with us

Our corporate partners and sponsors have made it possible to build lasting programs and support our community.

Volunteer opportunities

Hayward’s Hands needs volunteers throughout the year to assist with events and organizational needs.

Make a Donation

Reaching our financial goals will allow us to strengthen our involvement in the community.